Golf Educational Links

12 Myths That Wreck Your Golf Game:  A 32 page booklet by Tom Wishon explaining away common marketing myths about golf equipment that can, and will, wreck your game.

Adjustable Hosel Drivers:  A detailed technical discussion by Tom Wishon about the claims of today’s adjustable hosel drivers. Do they really adjust anything?  If so what and how?

Putter Anchoring: Understanding Rule 14-1b:  There have been many questions regarding the new anchor rule, and the legality of certain types of putters (such as an Arm-Anchor or Forearm putter). This link to the USGA website explains the rule nicely. I am currently using an Arm-Anchored putter that I built for myself (which is legal).  It has lots of merit, and I will continue to use it as long as I am putting this well!

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