Our Mission

Our fitting service covers all aspects of static physical measurements, as well as a complete dynamic fitting session with a launch monitor, and a high speed video camera.  We will take physical measurements, check and measure your existing clubs, then record your dynamic swing data using your clubs, our test clubs, and our fitting system to evaluate your complete swing profile. All of your dynamic swing characteristics will be documented. Following this there will be an interview process used to gather information of your wants, needs, and expectations. During this time we will discuss your swing characteristics, and explain what it shows about your needs. We will educate you about golf club mechanics, terminologies, and the latest technologies available. After the fitting the info is processed to select the proper length,  flexibility, shaft profile, head profile, and grip for each club. We will document a full swing analysis, and provide a comprehensive list of the necessary equipment to suit your individual needs. This includes equipment suggestions for everything you will need in your bag.
Additionally, our standard club building services include premium services that other shops charge extra for (or as with most of the name brands, assembly methods that are completely ignored), such as spine aligning, shaft pureing, flex matching, swing-weight balancing, set profiling, and ensuring the loft and lie angles are properly set. Head covers are provided with every club we build, inclusive of irons and putters. Our building service also includes a dynamic lie angle adjustment after the clubs are built, to ensure the lie angles properly fit your swing. Most name brand clubs build their clubs with little or none of these parameters in mind, even their versions of “custom” are rarely built correctly. If however you just bought a set of name brand clubs that don’t seem to be working, don’t loose hope! Bring them in, we can evaluate them, and make several adjustments to help them better fit your swing.
If we build or adjust your set, all club data is recorded and stored for future use. So if by some chance a club is lost or broken, we know just what is needed to make the new one fit within the set. If we built or adjusted your clubs in the past, the loft and lie angles will also be checked and reset when you bring your clubs back for regripping. All standard and part of the service.
Our mission is to provide the everyday golfer with the very best equipment value possible, at the lowest possible cost. During the process we will do our best to educate the individual regarding all aspects of golf equipment, and how it affects their game. With the right equipment you can take your game to the next level, and we would like to be the ones to help you get there!
Our goal – Attention to detail, for the best “personal” golf club fitting experience possible!

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