Game Management

These articles are some simple practices and tidbits of info, that can make a big difference in your game.  Their intent is to help you think about things that you may, or may not have thought about before.  They are derived from my many years of golf experience, from the tutelage of a few of my mentors, and with the help of some of the PGA professionals I know. Click on the blue links to read the documents.

Keeping Scorecard Statistics: This may sound like something fairly unimportant, but in reality, by doing this one thing (and sticking with it), your game WILL improve more than you might think.  The pros OBSESS over this practice, because it works, and because it is the life blood of exactly how they are doing, how they need to practice, and with what.

What’s The Distance, Are You Sure?: Knowing the distance to the pin is crucial to reaching the green in regulation, but is the distance indicated really the distance you need to play?  This article may offer a mindset you may not have considered.

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