Golf Educational Links

Tom Wishon Educational Videos: I agree with, and use allot of Tom Wishon’s fitting philosophies.  Here are some of his educational videos to help explain some of the many different parameters that go into the making of good fitting golf club.

12 Myths That Wreck Your Golf Game:  A 32 page booklet by Tom Wishon explaining away common marketing myths about golf equipment that can, and will, wreck your game.

Adjustable Hosel Drivers:  A detailed technical discussion by Tom Wishon about the claims of today’s adjustable hosel drivers. Do they really adjust anything?  If so what and how?

Putter Anchoring: Understanding Rule 14-1b:  There have been many questions regarding the new anchor rule, and the legality of certain types of putters (such as an Arm-Anchor or Forearm putter, which is legal). This link to the USGA website explains the rule nicely.

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